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MTV Interview before Ozzfest 1998

MTV News: What bands are you looking forward most to seeing over the course of this summer? Who are you hoping to check out?

Wes: Tool.

Sam: Tool.

Fred: All the bands are fresh but...

Wes: Oh wait, wait, wait, wait...Tool! I forgot about Tool.

Fred: Oh yeah, forgot about Tool. Yeah, I think Tool is going to be my favorite of the day and everyday.

MTV News: So how many of these bands have you guys toured with before?

Fred: Ah, we've toured with Sevendust; we've toured with Soulfly.

Wes: We did two shows with Coal Chamber.

Fred: We've toured with Incubus; we've done shows with Snot. Never played with Tool. Probably just those bands.

MTV News: Have you checked out the midway yet?

Wes: No! But I've seen it from afar and they have balloon popping and other carnival activities. But somehow they made into a really macabre Ozzy-like hellish kind of way, twisted into a form which is the same but different from the normal thing, ya know.

MTV News: I know that when you guys are playing in your own shows you like to make yourselves really accessible to the audience--before the set, after the set. Is that part of the appeal of something like this, because it is pretty much all day that you have to be close to the fans. Is that part of the appeal?

Wes: I think so. I think just like the whole bill itself is, you know, an amazing thing to see because, you know, I went to Lollapalooza when I was, you know, like sixteen or seventeen years ago and saw all those bands and like the first three Lollapaloozas were like so amazing because if I could of written the bill, it's exactly what I would have done myself. And this, a lot of people have been saying the same thing about the Ozzfest, like if they made up the bills themselves this is exactly what they would have said, you know, wrote on the bill--totally.

MTV News: You were talking about "the bill" It seems like within a certain range of music you have the old school: you got Motorhead, you got Ozzy, you have the new school...there's a lot of different stuff going on on the bill, what do you think unites all the bands that are on the bill?

Fred: What I think unites all the bands on the bill is probably...

Wes: Somebody, every single band listened to #800000 Sabbath and Ozzy at one point. So Ozzfest speaks for itself.

Fred: That's probably the one "speaking for itself" term. The other is the fact that all these bands really have a very strong drive to them and a very emotional side that comes out with some heavy guitars, you know. Just that darker side of music, you know. I think we're all a little bit on the darker side of life, you know, that everything's not daisies and sunshine, it''s Ozzfest in sunshine.

MTV News: Do you remember the first time you listened to Sabbath or Ozzy and got hooked on that?

Wes: Yeah, it was Randy Rhodes, Ozzy Osbourne, Crazy Train, and playing guitar on the railroad tracks.

Fred: Mine was probably, like, #800000 Sabbath. Back in the day, my cousin had the album opened up and I was like, "damn, this guys' voice is awesome." I saw that video, "Paranoid," you know, and Ozzy's hair was all in his face, and he was just singing. I think we all like Ozzy Osbourne, I mean, you can't help but like Ozzy Osbourne; his voice, his melody, his music, his everything is great. And the whole biting the bat thing is pretty cool too. And the white dove, yeah, he put the head of a bird in his mouth; that's pretty balsy.

Wes: You know the bat head thing was an accident, cause he used to pretend to bite the bats made of fake candy or chocolate, and then somebody threw a real bat on stage and he picked it up, I guess thinking it was strange, and picked it up and bit the head off of that and he felt really bad.

Wes: Look how much weight she's lost! (Laughter)

Fred: We are going to flush the Spice Girls today. Bye-bye.

MTV News: So she'll be turning up on stage, but for a limited time only?

Fred: Yeah, we're having special appearances on stage today by Hanson and the Spice Girls and it's gonna be really interesting to see the crowds reaction to know that we're down with Hanson.

MTV News: So have you had any Ozzy sightings yet?

Fred: I met Sharon Osbourne and I talked to her too. But Ozzy, I think, is coming in on a helicopter or a plane or something.

Wes: Actually, he's teleported in by way of the cashmere effect. Two platelets will be in London, and there are two platelets that are on that big red bus over there. And what happens is they send them through one side and he's automatically a small wormhole is created, and Ozzy automatically appears, BAM, right here at the Ozzfest.

Fred: Well, Wes is trying to say that Ozzy's gonna be here. We don't know how he's getting here; we've got everyone scouting out the whole place. We got radios and walkie-talkies. Soon as he's sighted, we're gonna let you know.

MTV News: Later this summer, are you guys still going to be doing the Family Values tour?

Fred: Family Values is still locked in right now. It's Korn, Ice Cube, White Zombie, Limp Bizkit, and Orgy. And it starts in September. That's gonna be a show that you guys don't wanna miss and we got some surprises for that. Major.

MTV News: How do you think that five [bands] is gonna differ from this five?

Fred: I think that's the biggest tour of the fall. I think that everybody's getting the Ozzfest in the summer, and they need something else, a big smash for the fall. They head back for the school, head back into the winter, and Family Values is just that buzz. I mean, how many people want to see Korn, Limp Bizkit, Ice Cube, and White Zombie all in the same place? I can't wait; I'm really excited. I think it's a lot different than this kind of vibe. This is a big family thing that's summer camp; all of the bands together jammin', and Family Values is more like a statement. I feel different about it; it's just gonna be like one of those tours that you just gotta be there.

MTV News: Who's on board for the Family Values tour and when do you expect that to kick off?

Fred: Family Values is taking off in September, around September 16th. It's Korn, Limp Bizkit, Ice Cube, White Zombie, and Orgy (the first band on Korn's new label), and it's gonna be an amazing event. It's gonna be one of those ones that you don't wanna miss, what do you guys think about that?

Wes: Yeah, I think it's the same.

Fred: No really, I think it's gonna be like one of those shows where it's the right time in music; it's the right time in 1998; it's the best way to end off the year, with a big boom; it's just gonna be out of control. The world's so emotional these days, and it's like that's an emotional bill. It's like one of those, "HmmmHmmm!!" (throws body towards camera in two aggressive motions). You know what I mean? So it's gonna be one of those...I think.

MTV News: Cool, very cool. Thank you.