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Modern Rock Live with Max Tolkholf - January 1999

Max: Our second guest tonight started Limp Bizkit back in 1994 when he started working with his long time buddy and bass player Sam Rivers, Sam brought along his cousin, John on drums, guitarist Wes, and Dj Lethal from House Of Pain soon joined..and..what the have a band now..

Fred: We have a band with the worst name in the world..

Max: What? No It's not..

Fred: You don't think so??

Max: No it's fine. Except I love everybody that thinks it's "biscuit"..

Fred: Yeah..people that don't know the band they go "bizzzzzkit". "You're in Limp Bizzzzzzzkit?"

Max: Allright so tell everybody where the name came from..

Fred: Dude, it's just the stupidest name I could think of..Just sitten around one day and I was like "Dude..this is a dumb name..we gotta use it."

Max: Well the debut album is called Three Dollar Bill Ya'll, and just in case you just tuned in it's Fred from Limp Bizkit..Hi Fred.

Fred: Hi how are ya there Max?

Max: Good to have ya here..this is your first time on the show isn't it?

Fred: This is my second.

Max: Secondnd time? Must have been before my time.

Fred: What's your last name??

Max: Tolkholf..

Fred: Is that your real last name?

Max: Yes it is.

Fred: What is that?

Max: It's uh, some sord of Russian thing I'm sure.

Fred: That's a cool last name dude.

Max: I dunno..the family tree's buried somewhere.

Fred: You're stoked..

Max: So uh, you guys come from is life in Jacksonville? It's very flat there isn't it?

Fred: Dude! Lynard Skynard's from Jacksonville that's all that matters.

Max: You hear a lotta that on the radio don't ya?

Fred: Dude I love Lynard Skynard. Don't you?

Max: Yeah of course.

Fred: Dude, I mean..I used to go out with Ronnie van Zann's daughter, Melanie van Zann, I used to go out with it's like..really cool. (laughs)..

Max: Small community down there in Jacksonville.

Fred: Yeah man, but it's really boring and there's nothin' to do..umm..there's a lotta cool people there and the music scene is pretty cool..there's a few bands..ya know..nobody goes there to check out's just kinda..bland..ya know..but there's a lotta cool people and a lotta fine chicks.

Max: So what's it like when you came outta there? Do you go back there now and it's're heros? sorda like Bakersfield and Korn?

Fred: Really, noone in Jacksonville gives a damn!

Max: Really?

Fred: They don't give a damn.

Max: How to you know? Maybe your record's sellin like crazy in Jacksonville.

Fred: No way, actully it's one of the lowest markets.

Max: Really?

Fred: They're not impressed by much. I think that if I..ya know..was on TV uh..with a set of female and male genitals they'd probably me..yeah it'd have to be like really..HEY that's cool music in the background..

Max: Ya like that?

Fred: Yeah

Max: So how did the uh, kind of..ran into KoRn at a show in Jacksonville and then uh gave them demo tapes and they kinda discovered you and how did that whole thing come about?

Fred: Umm well KoRn was opening up for Sick Of It All..and Jon, after they played (coughs) Dood I swallowed my semen a minute ago.

Max: This could be a real problem

Fred: I'm kidding! I am kidding, I'm heterosexual everybody. Don't think any different.

Max: (Laughs)

Fred: But uh, Jon was standing out in the crowd ya know and I was just like "You guys are phat, sorry nobody showed up, you guys want a tattoo?" and he was like "Yeah and a couple guys in my band want a tattoo"

Max: And you're a tattoo artist.

Fred: Yeah but I had only been tattooing for like a couple weeks and I lied to em and told him i'd been tattooing for like a long time..we were drunk they were drunk..they fell for it and uh got them back to tha house I drew up this thing that said KoRn and it kinda looks like KoRn but Fieldy was so wasted he was like " do it"..and that was that. And everybody wants to rag me about it ever since then but..I met Jon Davis first then the other guys came to my house then after a couple times meeting them when they came on town I gave em a demo..and..Fieldy gave it to Ross..and Ross started calling and..

Max: There you go..

Fred: There ya go..

Max: The rest is history..did you give them all tattoos that say like "Born to Kill on thier arm?

Fred: I gave Jon a tattoo on his butt cheeks, a big rebel flag..(laughs).

Max: (laughs) That's never coming off Jonathan!

Fred: It's really cool though instead of red, white and blue he wanted me to use the irish colors, so it's kinda wierd lookin and he didn't take care of it so..anyway.

Max: Are you tattooing still?

Fred: Umm actually I haven't been tattooing in a pretty good while so the next person I tatoo is gunna get a pretty shakey one.

Max: Allright let's go to the phones..and see who's out there who wants to ask ya stuff..ya ready?

Fred: Yeah man..

Max: Allright..Jessica from Jacksonville..Arkansas??

Jessica: Flordia..

Max: Oh you're from the home town??

Jessica: Yeah..I love you guys.

Fred: Where do you live at?

Jessica: On the westside..

Fred: Westside? That sucks over there!

Jessica: Oh shut up.

Fred: That's total redneck hesshan ville, you need to get your ass to the beach. What do you look like?

Jessica: uh, #800000 hair tanned, look like a porteuriccan girl..

Fred: So anything you wanna know about the Bizkit?

Jessica: Is Wes really gettin married?

Fred: Wes is already married..

Jessica: heart is crushed..

Fred: He's locked down. He's taken.

Jessica: I am a huge fan of Limp Bizkit..

Stacy: Hi.

Fred: Hi.

Stacy: Ok umm I seen you guys on the Conan O'brian show

Fred: Yeah..that was rad huh? Do you know who was the special guest?

Stacy: Yeah

Fred: Ok don't tell anybody.

Stacy: Well that was my question..What was Pauly Shore doing with you on stage?

Fred: He's a good friend of mine, he's insane in the membrane, he was in New York and I told him to come down to the studio and he showed up and decided he wanted to dance that day. So we put him on stage and let him dance..You like Pauly Shore?

Stacy: Yes he's hillarious

Fred: Cool. So umm..wait a know I took some know what that is?

Stacy: Yes I do.

Fred: I got it stuck in my throat though, I gotta stiff neck now..HAHA..

Max: So Fred, how was the Miami new years thing?

Fred: The Miami new year's thing??

Max: Weren't you on Mtv or something?

Fred: Oh that was New York City we played right when the ball dropped dude.

Max: How was that?

Fred: It ruled. We played Prince's 1999, our own version and it was going off and uh Carson's girl was there..What's her name? Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Max: Yeah.

Max: Unbelievable, so what are you gunna do next year? It's the year 2000, do you wanna be playing on New Years Eve next year or would you just wanna be observing, ya know ground zero will be the ball in New York, it's gunna be crazy.

Fred: Umm next year at this time I wanna be doing Champagne Floaters, do you know what that is?

Max: No

Fred: When you just sit down with a big glass of champagne and you let your testicles float in it.

Max: Ok. let's go back to the phones..

Fred: (laughs)

Max: Alex from Berlington,'re here on Modern Rock live with Fred from Limp Bizkit.

Fred: Alex! Keaton!

Max: Ever had a champange floater?

Alex: Haha no

Fred: You gotta try it, it sizzles!

Alex: My question is were you a good student in high school?

Fred: I was definately not a good student in school..I was the teachers favorite dude, I passed cuz I was like kissing my teachers ass, and pretty much I never did my homework I don't even know how I made was like a social event for me, it was a place to skateboard and rap and beatbox and break dance pretty much was school was for me.. but I did pass..I did graduate because they couldn't stand me..but that's it..I'm a loser..

Max: Chris from Hartford

Chris: Hi, what is your most embarrassing moment while on tour?

Fred: My most embarrassing moment? Prolly when I played naked in France because Jonathan and his KoRn Dawgs decided to give me $500 to do it..and I did it..cuz I was broke..cuz I didn't realize the french money is like crap it's crazy dude so I had no money..I spent like $50 on deoderant or somethin...and I needed money so they said $500 bucks if I got naked and sing Faith, and it was pretty embarrassing cuz my little BoBo has shrivled up into negative form sucked up into my body this was where the helmet took a dive ya know when I was on stage in front of thousands of people..

Max: The turtle went in

Fred: The turtle did go in..haha..that was good.

Max: Thank you..uh..Melanie from St. Louis..

Melanie: Hi was wondering how long have you been trying to succeed in the music busniess?

Fred: How long have we been tryin to succeed?

Melanie: Yeah

Fred: Hmmmmmmmm..when I was young I used to dress up like Kiss and lip sync in my living room to Kiss would say I really started 96..what is that like 8 years ago?

Max: Yeah that's french time for 8 years ago..

Fred: No, prolly like 3 years..I mean I don't even know If I have succeeded yet..

Max: Let's just talk about that, you kinda have succeeded, I mean people may not realize this becuase radio's been kinda slow to pick up on you guys, you sold over 700,000 albums now..

Fred: That's that good? Is that a good?

Max: That's really good, that's excellant..

Fred: Dude, it's gunna go platinum, it's gunna go double platinum prolly so..I'm not leaving this building 'till it does..

Max: Ok you stay here...Uh guess what we have to move along now.

Fred: I'm outtah here huh?

Max: You can stay if you want, we gotta get to the next band

Fred: Aw you guys don't like me, you think I suck.

Max: No, we don't think you suck. Predictions for '99?

Fred: Predictions for 1999 is that we are about to make the phat, we are making the phattest record humanley possible

Max: You're right in the middle of doing a new record?

Fred: Right in the middle of it and it is huge, you're gunna see people like uh..our friends back here in this back room on the record and other people..but..we are gonna take's gunna be awesome, were gonna go on our own field, us and Korn and Orgy and all of us were just gonna go shred on everybody's heads.

Max: Cool..well thanks for stoppin' by. Come back when you can stay longer.

Fred: Dude, I'd love to. Thanks Mr. Max Tolkholf.

Max: You don't have to leave by the way you can stick around, because coming up in a moment we'll be joined by Orgy on Modern Rock Live..Fred thanks..

Fred: Allright man Jay..uh..thanks Max..uh...Peter..I mean uh..hey..where are we?