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Random Quotes


"I have a hit record, can i jump off the roof now?" -Fred
"No you are NOT jumping off the roof Fred!" -Fred's mom

"Wes is more crazy, off the wall! I can't really explain him!"-DJ Lethal

"There aren't enough records for me to make about my ex girlfriend. She was this SWEET, INNOSCENT girl and turned into this swinging-ass bisexual, f***ing my dirtiest friends. We broke up, like, two years ago. She calls now saying she loves me, that she's done with all that. But i'm hurt, and I kind of can't get over it." -Fred

"Dope! You guys look great. You know, you all have great a**es. If you didn't, you wouldn't be in this video.....And I don't mean that in a bad way." -Fred

Have you ever wondered where the guys said they would be in 10 years from now? Here are their answers!:
Sam: "In a big ol' mansion in the caribbean."
John: "In two mansions: one in the caribbean and one in hawaii."
Lethal: "Making beats."
Wes: "Probably not in the band."
Fred: "At between 10 and 20 million units sold."

Wes on his Bachelor Party:
Wes: "As soon as I walked in the door, there were ten guys standing all around me, each holding up a different bottle of hard liquor." They surrounded him, and played Spin The Wes. "I'd open my eyes and there'd be Captain Morgan's or Goldschlager in front of me," and the groom dutifully consumed however many shots his well-wishers administered. And then the girls, courtesy of Fred [Durst], showed up. "They found the worst strippers...these bad trip women." moans Borland, choking back the ghastly vision. "I don't think they should be called women. They got naked and were covered with scars, and hair in bad places, and they tried to get me to start doing stuff with them." He launches into a slack-jawed Southern accent. "Why don't you wan' some? Don't you like gurls?" "Thank God that, because of the shots, I had to vomit immediately," he chuckles. "It was a good party." -NMM